Darren Smith

Born 1984 in Virginia, USA. Lives in Amsterdam, NL.

Specialising in portraiture and advertising photography, Darren has a signature for iconic, bold, and colourful style. Based loosely in Amsterdam (NL), he has traveled the world shooting for advertising agencies, brands, and production companies. 

Darren is driven by the allure of radical self-expression and the inherent beauty it exudes. 

His artistic focus on identity and immaterial culture, is showcased through his staged portrait photography at community-led events. His ongoing project, Mayflies, encapsulates his 8 year journey to capture human creativity at festivities worldwide.

client list: adidas originals, BLacklight entertainment, Krasloten, KRO-NCV, Le Wagon, McDonald’s NL, NIX18, radio radio, Oostwegel Collection, Rijksoverheid, TOTO, Nederlands Loterij, Q-Music, Visit Maastricht, Visit Scotland, Westknits

agencies: DFIR communications, TBWA, ROORDA, Steamtalmark, studio vij780

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