Hiberknitting Vol. 1 features a collection of winter patterns by designer Stephen West.

This collaboration with Westknits and German visual artist Stefan Gunnesch  re-imagines the knitwear of Hiberknitting in mixed-media collage, opening the book with a gallery of lush, striking images that give Westknits fans a new insight into the designer’s multi-disciplinary creative practice.

In addition to the collage gallery in the beginning of the book, there are illustrational shots and close-ups throughout the instructional pages.
Size: A5 (5.8 x 8.3” / 148mm x 210mm)
Format: Softcover book
Publisher: Westknits

Art Director: Stephen West
Artwork: Stefan Guennesch
Producer: Matilda Ross
Photography: Darren Smith

© 2019 Darren Smith