“An Ode to the Illusterious Company of Bas Kosters”
published on i-D Nederland: 

Last summer Bas Kosters showed his spectacular collection 'Dear Sir / Madame: HOPE.' A collection that was about dreaming, and how it came true. But also for seeing light at the end of a tunnel, or wanting to see it. "HOPE represents a fresh start, the rebirth, the sunny side up, but also the" I-had-better-need-to-know, "Bas said at the time.

Photographer Darren Smith captured the 'possy' of Bas Kosters, the people around the fashion house that make the designs what they are. The photo series, which bears the name 'The Posse' investigates and visualises the diversity of human relationships. The company consists of models that emphasize this fact - not only are they diverse in age and gender, but also in size and body types. 

Photo models, bikers, rock chicks, an elderly lady and even a pregnant woman, whose belly squeaks proudly from beneath a top, alternate - all with theatrical green eyebrows, festive glitters and cockscombs.

Photography: Darren Smith
Concept: Christian Mpamo
Styling: Sander de Graaf
Assistant styling: Judith Siemons
Art Direction: Pavel Spasovski
Hair styling: Tommy Hagen
Makeup: Eva Copper

i-D Nederland: https://i-d.vice.com/nl/article/mbw9ay/een-ode-aan-het-illustere-gezelschap-van-bas-kosters

© 2019 Darren Smith