Wasteland Festival 2016
Photography: Darren Smith, in collaboration with Marcus Koppe

Festival: Wasteland Voodoo Edition
Location: North Sea Venue | Zaandam | NL

Photography: Darren Smith in collaboration with Marcus Koppen (Smith & Koppen)
Assistant Photographer: Marco Meazza

Published on PHOTOGRVPHY magazine:

Darren Smith, in collaboration with Marcus Koppen (Smith & Koppen), had the privilege to be invited backstage to document the visual transformation of the artists and performers into otherworldly characters at Wasteland festival 24.11.2016.

The series of photographs plunge us into a dystopian world with an overlay of neon, futuristic science-fiction. Here, temptations lurk in every corner and come out from the darkness to be photographed under the the vivid studio lights.

These portraits take us inside a fetish-fuelled future to unveil astronautrix space adventurers, exotic alien races neither angel nor demon, primitive natives with untamed desires, and femme fatale sexbots perfect in every way.

© 2019 Darren Smith