“How we use digital design to question the fashion system”
published on i-D Nederland: 

Senior lecturer at AMFI Peter Leferink recently introduced a striking flashforward...
"Imagine, you are in the future and after your education you end up in a fashion world that is completely different from today. A world in which it is now inconceivable that years ago the earth was sacrificed to produce clothing. That we used water to wash clothes. That we used chemicals to process and we exploited people to sell a functional product as cheaply as possible and in as large numbers as possible. Instead, design processes are completely regenerative, and every garment has to guarantee a circular life cycle. Yarn must be degradable, fabrics can become new fibers again. Consumers are, at last, more aware. There is only a glimpse of the old world in the form of black markets for second-hand clothes, or the more expensive legal refurbish shops, where botched designer clothes are for sale. "

Is the image he sketched an inspiring and hopeful sketch of the future fashion world, or a complete utopia?

Photography: Darren Smith
Designer: Iris van Wees 
Hair and makeup: Sanne Schoofs
Models: Anna Asero, Alina Voskuil, Rick Puik

i-D Nederland: https://i-d.vice.com/nl/article/qvy383/hoe-we-digitaal-ontwerp-kunnen-gebruiken-om-het-modesysteem-te-bevragen

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